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Value investing

At Asset Miners, we create value by sticking to our consistent investment
philosophy and disciplined research process

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Asset Management

Asset Management

We create customized, integrated investment solutions to meet the unique needs of insurers and pension plans.

Institutional Management

Institutional Management

When you select Asset Miners to manage institutional assets, you will discover why we’ve earned the reputation for solid performance and equally solid relationships.

WEALTH Management

WEALTH Management

Your financial goals are uniquely your own, so Asset Miners will design a wealth management strategy that’s just for you.


Our advisors connect your finances to what you want out of life and create a plan designed to make it happen, revealing possibilities while protecting you from the unexpected—today and every day after.

  • A personalized plan that brings all aspects of your financial life together
  • A strategic mix of insurance and investments working together for your goals
  • Your go-to financial expert who helps keep your big picture, and dreams, in focus

As a catalyst for shared prosperity and a better future,

we strive to lead the alternative investment industry, both in terms of generating returns and make a lasting positive impact. Our growth in becoming one of the largest alternative investment managers is aligned with this vision and is a testament to our shared values, experienced management team, and focus on performance and high-quality investor base, which includes large asset management , trading , Infrastructures, sovereign wealth funds and financial planning.

Private Equity

Private equity funds typically invest in equity capital that is not quoted...



As one of the world's largest investors in real estate, we own and operate iconic properties in the world's most dynamic markets...


foreign exchange

Asset Miners finance offers a broad array of professional services and access to the global foreign exchange ...


Asset Miners provides advanced investment strategies and wealth management solutions to forward-thinking investors around the world. Through its distinct investment brands Asset Miners Management, we offers a diversity of investment approaches, encompassing bottom-up fundamental active management, Responsible Investing, systematic investing and customized implementation of client-specified portfolio exposures. Exemplary service, timely innovation and attractive returns across market cycles have been hallmarks of Asset Miners since the origin.

Our Diversity &
Inclusion Strategy

At Asset Miners, we want every person to have the opportunity to succeed based on merit, regardless of race, color, religion, creed, ancestry, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, gender identity expression, military or veteran status, or any other criterion. Why is this so important? To us, diverse and inclusive teams enriched with people of distinctive backgrounds make us better. They help us generate better ideas, reach more balanced decisions, engage our communities and help our clients achieve better outcomes.

Inclusion Strategy


These days, it's more important than ever to have a plan. Our version of financial planning not only gives you the confidence to know you're ready for anything, but is also designed to help you reach all your goals in the days ahead.

Investment Philosophy

Asset Miners differentiated credit-focused franchise combines relative value trading with a deep understanding of fundamental credit investing and legal and structuring expertise. With an emphasis on risk management, Asset Miners opportunistically invests across the capital structure in less efficient segments of the market with the goal of generating consistent, alpha-driven returns across market cycles.


We are focused on global investment strategy. We generally seek to build a concentrated portfolio of scale investments in industries we know well and have developed significant expertise

Culture of transparency

We believe in sharing good (and bad) news early, aligning ourselves with our investors and companies, and truly partnering and empowering management teams. We also don’t charge transaction or monitoring fees to our portfolio companies (and haven’t since our founding)

Commitment to making companies better

We invest for the long haul to support the strategic and financial objectives of outstanding management teams. We believe our deep sector experience allows us to add value and offer insights that enable our companies to flourish.

Industry Insights

Our investment philosophy is enhanced further by the depth of our focus on industry verticals. We have distinguished ourselves as a value-added partner with deep sector insights in select verticals which enables us to take a differentiated approach to sourcing, diligence, and value creation initiatives

Demonstrated performance

We have a clear investment philosophy and disciplined approach to investing and have demonstrated performance across multiple investment cycles over our 10 years history

Planning Services
Planning Services
Planning Services
Responsible Investing

Responsible Investing

Asset Miners Partners is committed to conducting business in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner. These principals guide our decision-making throughout the investment lifecycle.
From the onset of the investment process, we pursue ideas inspired by environmental, social, and governance (‘ESG’) issues and participate in industries engaged with these themes. All companies in which we invest are first vetted by our professionals, who work closely with expert advisors, to identify and mitigate potential ESG conflicts. Our ESG due diligence program requires an assessment of ten key ESG areas which may impact the current or future performance of a company. One Equity Partners will forego any investment that fails to meet its ESG standards.
Once invested, One Equity Partners reviews and monitors all its portfolio companies to ensure they adhere to its ESG policy, which is periodically reviewed to incorporate best practices as risks evolve. This process allows One Equity Partners to quickly detect and preempt or manage any difficulties that may arise during the investment period.
As investments mature, One Equity Partners seeks to continually improve upon ESG reviews and recommendations, and, together with management, works to ensure that ESG issues are prioritized through to and beyond exit.

Professionally managed investment portfolios

Time is a precious commodity. Researching investments in ever-changing markets and handling investment transactions are more than most people have time for. Venture Capital Finance's Asset Management Solutions program allows you to delegate the daily management of your assets and invest with confidence, knowing that your portfolio is in the hands of experienced professionals.


Different goals require different approaches.

At Asset Miners we recognize that each investor is unique. That’s why we take a personalized approach to developing an asset management strategy by selecting investment portfolios that closely match your goals, tolerance for risk, and expectation for returns.


To provide you additional value, we strive to:

  • Create opportunities for rewards while managing risk.
  • Minimize management and administrative costs.
  • Provide ongoing services that adapt to changes in your goals.

wealth planning

A solid Wealth Plan ensures you have a financial strategy that supports your aspirations. Once we understand your lifestyle goals, we look at the current path of your finances to ensure that you are on track to meet them through retirement and beyond.


At the heart of our business are our partners: the entrepreneurs and management teams we back; the investors in our funds; the advisers and intermediaries we work with; and the banks and other lending institutions to our deals.

Highly Ambitious

We strive to build world-class businesses to generate superior returns for our partners.


We are here to win. We are constantly improving, and are committed to out-thinking and out-executing our competitors. We take on what others dismiss as impossible, and solve the hard problems that others walk away from. This is why we hire the best.


We do things the right way, without compromise, the first time – every time. We are direct, decisive and, above all, accountable. We practice sound judgment and common sense in our actions that conforms to the letter and spirit of the law at all times. We win on the merits, with integrity.


We are driven by a thirst for knowledge. We are constantly learning – from each other and from inspired thinkers around the world. We passionately pursue new ideas, new innovations and new strategies that will strengthen our competitive advantage


Our comprehensive approach to private wealth management will help you and your family enjoy your wealth today.
Multi-asset income solutions designed to provide clients with stable, sustainable income in today’s low-yield environment
We are one of the world's largest investors in renewable power, with approximately 21,000 megawatts of generating capacity
Renewable power for a cleaner, brighter tomorrow

What we do

Analyze the sustainability of your wealth through retirement and beyond
Understand the risks you may be exposed to and identify strategies that can protect you and your family
Understand your net worth and cash flow needs, both today and in the future
Explore how your wealth grows over time under different scenarios
Explore ways to transfer wealth efficiently according to your wishes
Identify opportunities to optimize your investment strategy


Venture Capital Finance offers regional and global high-active-share equities, fixed income across the yield curve, liquidity solutions backed by four decades of experience as a core capability and, in private markets, real estate, infrastructure, private equity and private debt. Beyond investment management, Asset Miners provides engagement in equity and bond markets, proxy voting and policy advocacy.


Outstanding team

Asset Miners is a tightly knit group working together with management teams toward common goals. We have more than 70 investment professionals, including 24 partners with an average tenure at Asset Miners of more than a decade. This allows us to devote substantial time to the companies in which we invest.

Collaborative style

Our objective is to work with portfolio company leadership and create a backdrop in which companies can thrive. We encourage management teams to invest alongside us, and our forward-thinking approach and philosophy to leave companies better than when we found them also means that portfolio company employees often choose to invest alongside Asset Miners as well.

Alignment of interest

We believe that people thrive when they are working toward a common and focused goal. We are proud of our transparency and alignment of interest with our portfolio companies and investors. We believe our focus and significant skin in the game allows us to build true, successful partnerships.
Alignment of interest

Our Purpose

This means supporting our colleagues, customers and clients, and the communities and environment in which they operate, for the benefit of all our stakeholders. It means helping people and businesses unlock their potential and plan for the future with confidence, building relationships that stand the test of time. And it means that we continue to be there for the long-term, whatever the climate, making decisions that are right for today and for generations to come.
To achieve this, our long-term strategic approach place exceptional service at the heart of everything we do. Each of our diverse, specialist businesses have a deep industry knowledge, so they can understand the challenges and opportunities that our customers and clients face. We support the unique needs of our customers and clients to ensure that they thrive, rather than simply survive, whatever the market conditions.

We believe in putting our customers and clients first. Our cultural attributes bring out the very best of our people, skills and strong reputation that we have built with our stakeholders over many years. A combination of expertise, service and relationships with teamwork, integrity and prudence underpins our approach and gives us the tools to thrive over the long term.
And we recognise that to help the people and businesses of Britain thrive, we also have a responsibility to help address the social, economic and environmental challenges facing our business, employees and clients, now and into the future.
Our Purpose

$649B AUM

We continue to build on our track record to innovate into new strategies, drive growth, and serve our investors. serve


What is long-term care? Long-term care is something that most people may not think they need, or might think is covered by health insurance or Medicare. The fact is, if you live to be 65, there's a 70% chance you'll eventually need some kind of long-term care.1 But aging isn't the only reason to plan for long-term care—it's there for you if a chronic illness or disabling injury prevents you from living on your own or properly caring for yourself, no matter how old you are. Long-term care helps with day-to-day tasks like bathing, eating, getting dressed, and getting in and out of bed. And it includes care provided by nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, hospice facilities, and skilled nurses or home health aides in your (or your loved one's) home. If you're not the one who needs it, there's a good chance you'll need to help care for a loved one.2 And having a long-term care plan in place can help you continue to live well without sacrificing the income, investments, and savings you've worked so hard for.

Our People

We focus on attracting exceptionally talented people and rewarding initiative, independent thinking and integrity. Our team’s breadth of skills and deep expertise are a critical source of intellectual capital.

Our Scale

Investing across regions, industries and asset classes gives us the knowledge, resources and critical mass to take advantage of opportunities on a global scale.

Our Performance

Our performance is characterized by superior risk-adjusted returns across a broad and expanding range of asset classes and through all types of economic conditions.

OUR latest news

Powering Growth

Asset Miners scale creates unique opportunities for revenue acceleration. Access to our network of portfolio companies helps entrepreneurs grow their customer base and make connections across a range of industries and geographies. An in-house team of data scientists helps our companies’ management teams optimize revenue and product development opportunities. In addition, our global footprint can support our companies’ expansion across the world’s major economies

Scaling Efficiently

We build world-class enterprises by providing companies with the resources and expertise they need to scale in smart, efficient ways. Our experienced operations team helps companies optimize their spending, processes, and long-term strategy, while our capital markets professionals offer essential guidance on everything from IPOs and debt financing to M&A.

Attracting Talent

Asset Miners’s network provides us with exceptional access to experienced executives across industries, making it easier for portfolio companies to build effective boards and operational teams. In addition, our leadership and talent development experts help companies optimize their organizational design to accommodate accelerated growth.